About Gota.io

Gota.io is one of the other io games which is very similar to agar.io in terms of the concept.

You can play Gota.io with fun if you enjoyed agar.io before. This time the background is full black and it is possible to locate pictures on your balls. Every player will be alone and they will try to swallow each other. Therefore, we can say that the competition is very intense in this great game.

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Gota.io Gameplay

How to Play?

You will provide the direction to your ball with your mouse. Players have to press the spacebar to separate themselves and throw the half of themselves to the direction they are facing.

Tips and Tricks

Always keep in mind that bigger balls can be divided and shoot for away. Thus, a larger enemy can hunt you down from a distance. There are some fixed balls with spikes on the map. If you are smaller than them, you can hide behind them.

In case you are larger than those fixed and spiked balls, you will be eliminated when you touch them. It will be a good strategy to collect the mini balls on the map to grow. After you grow to a certain size, you must hunt down your opponents to grow faster.

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