About Germs.io

Germs.io is a typical io game where you will control a ball and try to eliminate your opponents by swallowing them.

In case you used to like to play agar.io then you can play Germs.io in your free times as well. You are going to control a ball again and try to eliminate smaller opponents than you by swallowing them. Like the original game, it is possible to split up with your character but unlike the original game, you can merge your balls again. Probably, the last feature is a new feature in this concept. Keep in mind that you can move faster when you are smaller and benefit from this feature.

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How to Play?

You are going to control your ball with the help of your mouse. It is possible to split up by pressing the spacebar key. And players can merge their balls back when they click the left click of their mouse.

Tips and Tricks

Due to the new merging feature, it may be a better plan to play aggressively when compared to other io games. You can have a full control on your ball which will allow you to have more fun by playing the game itself.

Try to be calm when you start playing the game. And try to determine the players you are going to attack. After that and you earn some mass, you can prepare traps for these players. Or even annoy them by chasing them all the time!

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