About Gaver.io

Gaver.io is a skill game where you will control a ball and try to increase your score to be number one on the scoreboard.

If you are looking for a skill game then you can play Gaver.io whenever you want. In this game, you will be controlling a colored ball which can grow in size as you will eliminate your opponents and collect the smaller balls on the map. This is a competitive game where every player tries to swallow their opponents. You have to think quick and adopt a good strategy in order to reach the number one spot on the scoreboard.

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How to Play?

Players have to provide directions to the ball they control with the help of their mouse. Moreover, you can split your ball into two by pressing the spacebar.

Tips and Tricks

Those who used to like playing agar.io can play this game as well because it has the same concept with it. You are going to control a ball which can grow in size in line with your score. You have to collect the balls on the map in order to grow your size and increase your score.

Players have to eliminate each other in order grow faster. It is not possible to swallow players who are bigger than you. In addition to this, your balls will merge faster in this game when compared to other agar.io-like games.

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