About Audiogame.io

Audiogame.io is a re-imagining of your favorite classic race and react games.

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In this game, the beat is your guide and the melody will offer you points. Get into the groove as you seek out streaks of samples to increase your overall victory score and avoid a bad trip by dodging the cinder blocks which litter the track. This is a space-themed racing game where speed, hand-eye coordination and focus will determine your outcome.

Best of all this game allows you to customize the levels by uploading your favorite track which will then generate a new custom racetrack. Not only will you be jamming out to your favorite tunes, but you’ll also be doing it as you venture through the final frontier and snap up points dropped by the very melody you’re cruising along to! It’s meta, its meaty, its fun!   audiogame.io is a game about racing your favorite songs in the browser – Race on a track which adapts to the music and collects samples matching to the beat. And if you are ambitious, try to get the highest possible score!

Audiogame.io Controls

Either use A/S/D to move to the left/mid/right lane or hold the arrow keys.

This game is still under development. Track detection is constantly improving and more features are coming soon!


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