About Arras.io

Arras.io is an interesting shooting game where you the object you control can evolve and get better as you level up.

Those who like to play interesting shooting games can play Arras.io in their free times. You are going to control a ball with a cannon in this game. Also there are different geometric shapes all around the world and you have to shoot at them. You are going to earn experience as you keep shooting to these shapes. Each time you level up, you are going to earn one skill point. Thus, it is possible to spend it on your different features in order to get better. In addition to these, it is possible for you to upgrade your ship and have different cannons as you keep leveling up. Beware of other players who are not of the same color as you.

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How to Play?

You are going to control your character with the help of the WASD keys. In addition to this, it is possible for you to attack with the left click of your mouse. Moreover, you can also use the numbers on your keyboard in order to upgrade your skills.

Tips and Tricks

You are going to fight in teams in this game. Also make sure that you try to eliminate your opponents who are not of the same color as you. Moreover, hitting to your opponents will allow you to earn more experience than hitting to the objects.

You have to customize your ship with the decisions you take on your skills. However, it will be worth to note that improving your bullet damage is highly important for your development. Otherwise, you will have a weak damage in which you will not be able to kill any player.

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